Pounds to New Zealand Dollars

Pounds to New Zealand Dollars New Zealand Dollar exchange rate Later this evening in New Zealand the reserve bank delivers its latest policy announcement having raised interest rates by 100 points so far this year , the RBNZ is expected to hold fire at today’s meeting and leave rates on hold. However markets will watch […]

New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate soars after rate hike

hi All, The New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate soars after rate hike. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand had little choice but to hike interest rates last night after the NZ Housing Market continues to overheat. The NZ housing Market has been in a boom cycle for thew last fear years fueled by lower interest […]

Australian dollar exchange rate weakens further

The Australian dollar weaken again today against the pounds after weaker than expected economic figures. Australian economic sentiment was worse than feared and suggesting the economy woes are still not quite behind them Especially after the weekends auctions clearance rates on home sales fell also. This is may give the RBA a little more wiggle […]