Pound falls against the Euro after record low CPI

Pound falls against the Euro after record low CPI Good morning, With the only data to come out in the Eurozone today being the German Wholesale Price Index, there is very little indicating the strength of the Euro is going to increase, although the rate may increase if the UK data comes in as expected. […]

Construction Figures for The UK main Focus

Construction Figures for The UK main Focus US Dollar exchange rates In the US the November PPI is likely to decline on the month due to lower oil prices. This is followed by the University of Michigan confidence measure for December. Pounds to Euros Yesterday saw the Pound push above 1.90 against the Aussie Dollar […]

ECB president Draghi stated he will Buy Euros

ECB president Draghi stated he will Buy Euros Later this afternoon we have the US retail sales figures for November that will provide an insight on the strength of consumer spending moving into the holiday period. Despite evidence that US economic growth is accelerating, retail sales have been relatively disappointing in the second half of […]

Pounds to Euros Today

Pounds to Euros today Yesterday evening Bank of England policy maker Martin Weale said weak productivity growth may mean higher interest rates are needed in the short term to prevent demand putting a squeeze on the economy and boosting inflationary pressures. “Persistently slower productivity growth would have two implications for interest rates,” Weale said in […]

Pounds to Euros Online

Pounds to Euros The pound exchange rate rose to a three-week high against the euro exchange rate ass the report showing UK Services expanded in November faster than analysts forecast signaled that the economy is weathering stagnation among its European neighbors. Why is anyone surprised as half of Italy and Spain’s youth are unemployed and […]

Pound up against most other currencies

Pound up against multiple currencies US Dollar Exchange Rates Later this afternoon the only data out from the USA is a Markit Manufacturing PMI report for November. Last Thursday and Friday were both quiet days for the markets with Thanks Giving and Black Friday taking centre stage! Pounds to Euros U.K. manufacturing growth unexpectedly accelerated […]

Euro rate to fall if ECB approves Quantitative Easing

Euro rate to fall if European Central Bank approves Quantitative Easing Last night Germany’s Bundesbank came out for the first time and acknowledged that Quantitative Easing is not off the table and also mentioned negative interest rates. This is a massive change as the Euro exchange rate has been climbing as foreign exchange traders continue […]