Bank of England talks up the pound exchange rate

Bank of England talks up the pound exchange rate Though the FOMC decision has received the bulk of the global foreign exchange markets yesterday, but the UK was brimming with event risk and news of its own. February’s labour data kicked off the day. The 34,600 filing drop in jobless claims was much larger than […]

Euros relentless rise confuses traders! but who will blink first? Super Mario or currency traders.

  US Dollar Exchange Rate Good news for the US economy as yesterdays Retails Sales increase for the first time in 3 months. Claims benefits dropped and consumer confidence has improved. The US dollar strengthened 100 points against both sterling and euro exchange rate. Pound Exchange Rate Today’s domestic calendar will be dominated by the […]

Foreign exchange traders buy Australian Dollar exchange rate up on good news

Hi All, Foreign Exchange Traders were buying Australian Dollars today after much better than expected Jobs numbers. The jobs numbers caught forex traders by surprise (including myself) after rising 3 times more than expected and as a result the Australian Dollar to US dollar is now expected to head back above 0.9100 in the coming […]

Pounds to Euro exhcnage rate outlook improves today

Hi All, The Bank of England is looking more likely to like rates in the coming months according to Forex Brokers and interest rate trades. Whilst bad news for home owners and UK house price outlook it will help the pound to euros exchange rate over the coming months as the ECB is looking a […]

Currency Exchange Rate News 13-03-2014

Overnight Currency News Us Dollar Exchange Rate The dollar has weakened off this morning due to US data to be released this afternoon ‘Retail sales and Initial jobless claims’. Stanley Fischer, nominee to be Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s deputy, said the U.S. economy still needs stimulus to combat unemployment ahead of a report projected […]

Pounds Forecast boosted – will we see 1.3000 against the Euro

Hi All Analysts have increased their year-end forecasts for the pound against the dollar to the highest in more than two years amid speculation the Bank of England will increase interest rates before the Federal Reserve. The Pound has gained a whopping 13 percent in the past year against the US Dollar, the best performer […]

Bank of England hints that rates could rise sixfold within the next three years.

Bank of England hints that rates could rise sixfold within the next three years. US Dollar exchange rate The US Dollar exchange rate has shown a modestly firmer tone since the employment report last week, but progress has been very modest in general, and there is no US news today to justify any independent move […]

Australian Dollar exchange rate starts to climb

Hi All, Just watching the Australian Dollar exchange rate start to climb here back above the pounds to Australian Dollar rate of 1.8500 for the first time today. The RBA has become a little more upbeat of past and the chance for further cuts have watered down by higher than expected inflation numbers. Also the […]

Forex traders aren’t stupid

Hi All, Forex traders continue to kick the Pound to Euro exchange rate but it has been a very tight range since the initial fall from 1.2170 to settle at 1.2000. It is very frustrating as the news in the UK is good compared to the Euro-Zone and the likelihood the BOE will have a […]