Australian dollar exchange rate weakens further

The Australian dollar weaken again today against the pounds after weaker than expected economic figures.

Australian economic sentiment was worse than feared and suggesting the economy woes are still not quite behind them Especially after the weekends auctions clearance rates on home sales fell also.

This is may give the RBA a little more wiggle room to keep interest rates on hold for A little longer.

this is a much better situation than in New Zealand which looks like being the first developed country that has to rise rates.

whilst the New Zealand economy has had rising house prices it has been difficult to rise rates as the use if the New Zealand dollar exchange rate as a carry currency.

but now the rbnz has very little choice so how will forex markets and traders take to the rise in New Zealand dollar yields?

very easily – they will buy New Zealand dollars and strength the kiwi to such a point the New Zealand economy is pushed back into recession and another round of rate cuts cycle can begin.

starting to think my career choice is that of a  evil overlord.