Teresa May gives the pound some certainty

UK News Finally there is some signs up good news for the pound as Theresa May looks as if she is going to be the new Prime Minister in the UK. With this said, the pound has rallied acorss the board over night against both the euro and the US Dollar. Today’s releases come with […]

Sterling turns into sinking ship…

US News Signs of support for safe-havens continued last night, including things like Japanese Yen and Gold. Initial Jobless Claims are scheduled for this afternoon, this will give us a rough idea of what to expect in tomorrow’s more significant non-farm payrolls. UK News UK Industrial and Manufacturing production are both set to decline in […]

Dooms day turning into dooms week for the pound… Can it get much worse?

US News The US joins the game again today with the ISM Non-Manufacturing figures. We do expect to see a small increase from 52.9 to 53.3and after the dollar hits its highest point against the pound since 1985, any positive key releases ill surly drive it further. Friday’s Non-farm payrolls in the US will be […]

Markets settle after ‘fat fingers’ mistake

UK News In the UK this morning, Aprils industrial production figures, along with the external trade and construction out put data later on in the week, will provide us with the first of the hard data outlook for Q2. It looks as if there could be a slight drop in the growth due to the […]

Euro Dollar sits at a near two and a half year low

Euro Dollar sits at a near two and a half year low! Good morning, What has been an eventful year for the Pound the festive period is very quiet in terms of economic data all-round therefore movement wise may be limited. The Pound exchange rates has been steady against the Euro and sits above 1.27. […]

Pounds to Euros Online

Pounds to Euros Online Pounds to Euro exchange Rates moved over 100 points north yesterday following some positive UK data pushing pound sterling to its highest level in 3 weeks against the Euro exchange rate! If you are buying euros then now is a good time as  the last few times we have been at […]

Best US Dollar Exchange Rates

Best US Dollar Exchange Rates Yesterday evening the Fed reported broad-based employment gains across U.S. industries and regions, two days before the Labor Department issues its highly anticipated monthly jobs data. The report offers Fed policy makers, who meet Dec. 16-17, anecdotal evidence about improvements in the job market as they consider when to raise […]

Pounds to Euros Online

Pounds to Euros The pound exchange rate rose to a three-week high against the euro exchange rate ass the report showing UK Services expanded in November faster than analysts forecast signaled that the economy is weathering stagnation among its European neighbors. Why is anyone surprised as half of Italy and Spain’s youth are unemployed and […]

US Dollar Exchange Rate Today

US Dollar Exchange Rate Today The US dollar exchange Rate strengthened to a seven-year high against the yen before U.S. data this week that economists say will back the case for higher interest rates as Japan and Europe ease policy. Japan position is getting worse as deflation is triggered by lower costs because of the […]

positive euro exchange rate data

Good morning, Today we have some positive euro data!! German unemployment dropped and the jobless rate reached a record low as businesses and investors become more confident that Europe’s largest economy will keep growing. Germany’s economy returned to growth in the third quarter and business confidence and investor sentiment both improved in November as the […]