Talks of a rate cut in the UK could see the pound fall further

US News May’s Non-farm payrolls figures were incredibly disappointing coming in at 38k. Today we expect to see a slightly stronger reading of 180k. Yesterday’s ADPreport showed a rise in the private sector employment to 172k which normally sets up a relatively good release in the non-farms. If they come out as expected, we are […]

UK referendum continues to hold the pound hostage

UK News Another quiet day in the UK today with only the Trade Balance figures scheduled to be released. A slight increased is expected to be seen and hopefully the pound will rise slightly across the board after the fall this morning, on the back of no UK data. The weight of the referendum is beginning […]

Is Travel FX Safe to Buy Euros Online

Here is a common question we are asked or see on review sites before they Buy Euros Online Hi all Has anyone ever bought Euros online before or more specifically from Travel FX? I am a bit concerned because it is done via a bank transfer straight to the companies account, not via debit card, […]

Pounds Forecast boosted – will we see 1.3000 against the Euro

Hi All Analysts have increased their year-end forecasts for the pound against the dollar to the highest in more than two years amid speculation the Bank of England will increase interest rates before the Federal Reserve. The Pound has gained a whopping 13 percent in the past year against the US Dollar, the best performer […]

Bank of England hints that rates could rise sixfold within the next three years.

Bank of England hints that rates could rise sixfold within the next three years. US Dollar exchange rate The US Dollar exchange rate has shown a modestly firmer tone since the employment report last week, but progress has been very modest in general, and there is no US news today to justify any independent move […]

Why I hate the euro exchange rate

Argh – I hate the euro exchange rate! Last night various media sources were highlighting the strength of the UK economy and that the BOE  will have to rise Interest rates by sixfold. Whilst I not in favor of interest rate rise as like many I have a mortgage the above is not a reason […]

Why do FX traders continue to Buy Euros

Well A chart is worth a thousand words – sums up the Euro exchange rate against the pound this week. Argh the ECB cant see the word from the trees and Draghi preformed the Emperors New Clothes performance of a lifetime to convince the FOREX market to buy Euros despite countless evidence to do the […]