Why I hate the euro exchange rate

Argh – I hate the euro exchange rate! Last night various media sources were highlighting the strength of the UK economy and that the BOE ¬†will have to rise Interest rates by sixfold. Whilst I not in favor of interest rate rise as like many I have a mortgage the above is not a reason […]

Australian Dollar exchange rate starts to climb

Hi All, Just watching the Australian Dollar exchange rate start to climb here back above the pounds to Australian Dollar rate of 1.8500 for the first time today. The RBA has become a little more upbeat of past and the chance for further cuts have watered down by higher than expected inflation numbers. Also the […]

Forex traders aren’t stupid

Hi All, Forex traders continue to kick the Pound to Euro exchange rate but it has been a very tight range since the initial fall from 1.2170 to settle at 1.2000. It is very frustrating as the news in the UK is good compared to the Euro-Zone and the likelihood the BOE will have a […]

Forex Traders continue to buy Euros

The Pound exchange rate remains well supported by continued strength in domestic data, but has slipped back against the Euro Exchange Rate in recent days following the lack of any new easing action at the ECB meeting. Why Forex Traders continue to buy Euros is a mystery that leaves me scratching my head. While Pound […]

Pounds to US dollars exchange rate getting creamed

The US employment data on Friday was slightly stronger than expected, with the small rise in the unemployment rate slightly offsetting the larger than expected rise in employment. This lead to the Pounds to US dollars exchange rate getting creamed and ending the week 150 points lower From a bigger picture perspective, it seems likely […]

Why do FX traders continue to Buy Euros

Well A chart is worth a thousand words – sums up the Euro exchange rate against the pound this week. Argh the ECB cant see the word from the trees and Draghi preformed the Emperors New Clothes performance of a lifetime to convince the FOREX market to buy Euros despite countless evidence to do the […]

Australian Dollar Exchange Rate

The Pounds to Australian Dollar exchange rate is another currency that decided the pound was a bully boy and deserved a seeing to. We started the week at 1.8800 and ending the week almost 3% lower, typical for the pound this week. The reasons behind forex traders buying Australian Dollars was that local data surprised […]

US Payrolls will drive the Forex markets today

Morning All, After watching the pound to euros exchange rate get kicked in the nuts today we have the US payroll figures. The Pound to US Dollar exchange rate did make me smile with it finally getting back above 1.6750, the question is can it go higher – we are hoping that cable will now […]

Pounds to Euro is battered

The Pounds to Euros exchange rates today got a battering after looking at heading above 1.2200 than the release of the BOE interest rate announcement followed by the ECB and delusional Super Mario Draghi talked the Euro up despite worsening fundamentals. But not to leave the day on a low the pounds to us dollar […]

Does Draghi Love buying Euros

Does Draghi Love Buying Euros because he has talked up the Euro exchange rate so much today it is hard to believe he hasn’t taken a punt himself and needs the exchange rate to go higher. If he has his way the pounds to euros exchange rate will be sub 1.2000 and the Euro to […]