Pound falls against the Euro after record low CPI

Pound falls against the Euro after record low CPI Good morning, With the only data to come out in the Eurozone today being the German Wholesale Price Index, there is very little indicating the strength of the Euro is going to increase, although the rate may increase if the UK data comes in as expected. […]

Pound Euro sits at 1.2780

Pound Euro sits at 1.2780 Good morning, Last Friday saw the Pound gain against the Euro due to positive Manufacturing figures. The increase in rate was also helped by Germany posting a weaker than expected Trade Balance. Both of these factors kept the pounds to euros exchange rate well in to the 1.2800 for most […]

Euro rate

Good morning, This morning’s German trade balance figures came in negative seeing the Euro exchange rate weaken off against the pound by around 20 points currently sitting around 1.2815 Other than that, a relatively quiet day for the Euro rate, with very little data of much significance to come in favoring the Euro. Yesterday’s German […]

ECB Buying Euros

ECB Buying Euros Good morning, Having seen a near 100 point movement over the last few days, the Pounds to Euros exchange rate seems to be hovering around 1.2750 A relatively busy day for the Euro rate today, possibly seeing the Euro strengthen for a brief period until the main UK data comes out this […]

Buying Euros – Is now the right time?

Buying Euros – Is now the right time? Good morning, Today’s Services and Composite PMI for Germany showed that despite of the problems within the Euro-area, not all is as bad as it seems as they came in 0.6% higher than the expected value. Although, having said that as a whole the Euro-zone dropped 0.3% […]

Pounds to Euros at 1.2900

Pound to Euros reaches 1.2900! US Dollar Exchange Rates A relatively quiet day in the US today, having said that the US Dollar needs to get no stronger so hopefully the Pound will strengthen today gainst the Dollar following some potential positive UK data, currently sitting around 1.5300 US Dollar to the Pound. Pound Exchange […]