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Pounds to Australian Dollars – where next?

Pounds to Australian Dollars Good afternoon, Mark Carney may reveal tomorrow if he’s willing to turn the key on discussions the Bank of England keeps behind closed doors. A change in policy would mark another step in Carney’s ongoing revolution at the central bank, and might also be an opportunity to unveil any possible wider…

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Bank of England talks up the pound exchange rate

Bank of England talks up the pound exchange rate Though the FOMC decision has received the bulk of the global foreign exchange markets yesterday, but the UK was brimming with event risk and news of its own. February’s labour data kicked off the day. The 34,600 filing drop in jobless claims was much larger than…

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Australian Dollar exchange rate falls on bad news in China

Australian Dollar exchange rate falls on bad news in China. The Australian dollar exchange rate fell for the first time in three days after a Chinese property developer collapsed highlighting the fragile property market in Australia’s largest trade partner. The Fact that tonight’s US Fed reserve is holding its meeting would have also led to…

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New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate soars after rate hike

hi All, The New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate soars after rate hike. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand had little choice but to hike interest rates last night after the NZ Housing Market continues to overheat. The NZ housing Market has been in a boom cycle for thew last fear years fueled by lower interest…

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Foreign exchange traders buy Australian Dollar exchange rate up on good news

Hi All, Foreign Exchange Traders were buying Australian Dollars today after much better than expected Jobs numbers. The jobs numbers caught forex traders by surprise (including myself) after rising 3 times more than expected and as a result the Australian Dollar to US dollar is now expected to head back above 0.9100 in the coming…

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Australian Dollar exchange rate starts to climb

Hi All, Just watching the Australian Dollar exchange rate start to climb here back above the pounds to Australian Dollar rate of 1.8500 for the first time today. The RBA has become a little more upbeat of past and the chance for further cuts have watered down by higher than expected inflation numbers. Also the…

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Pounds to US dollars exchange rate getting creamed

The US employment data on Friday was slightly stronger than expected, with the small rise in the unemployment rate slightly offsetting the larger than expected rise in employment. This lead to the Pounds to US dollars exchange rate getting creamed and ending the week 150 points lower From a bigger picture perspective, it seems likely…

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Why do FX traders continue to Buy Euros

Well A chart is worth a thousand words – sums up the Euro exchange rate against the pound this week. Argh the ECB cant see the word from the trees and Draghi preformed the Emperors New Clothes performance of a lifetime to convince the FOREX market to buy Euros despite countless evidence to do the…

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Australian Dollar Exchange Rate

Australian Dollar exchange rate

The Pounds to Australian Dollar exchange rate is another currency that decided the pound was a bully boy and deserved a seeing to. We started the week at 1.8800 and ending the week almost 3% lower, typical for the pound this week. The reasons behind forex traders buying Australian Dollars was that local data surprised…

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