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Forex Traders continue to buy Euros

The Pound exchange rate remains well supported by continued strength in domestic data, but has slipped back against the Euro Exchange Rate in recent days following the lack of any new easing action at the ECB meeting. Why Forex Traders continue to buy Euros is a mystery that leaves me scratching my head. While Pound…

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Why do FX traders continue to Buy Euros

Well A chart is worth a thousand words – sums up the Euro exchange rate against the pound this week. Argh the ECB cant see the word from the trees and Draghi preformed the Emperors New Clothes performance of a lifetime to convince the FOREX market to buy Euros despite countless evidence to do the…

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Euros To US Dollars

Euros to US dollars traded within a tight range yesterday. Headlines from Russia suggesting there was little desire to use militarily action in Ukraine helped ease market concerns and helped support the Euro exchange rates yesterday. Headline risks remain but for today, in the absence of any negative news, we expect Euros to US Dollars…

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