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Is Travel FX Safe to Buy Euros Online

Here is a common question we are asked or see on review sites before they Buy Euros Online

Hi all

Has anyone ever bought Euros online before or more specifically from Travel FX?

I am a bit concerned because it is done via a bank transfer straight to the companies account, not via debit card, and then they send you the euros?

Any help would be great


Here  are some of our customers replies

Yes iv used them twice, they are very good i had no issues with them and would use them again.

 I’ve used them 4 times now without any problems. Quick delivery and saves going out to the shops to get them and always a better rate.

 They are reputable and you should have no concern. Check the rates offered against FAIRFX I have always found the latter gives a better rate.

Go to ‘‘this site shows you which company is offering the best rates.We always buy our Euro’s on line and have them delivered.Just had Euro’s delivered and got 120.2euros/pound with Travel FX.Never had any problems.Brilliant service.

But you don’t have to believe us just follow the link below to TripAdvisor

Travel FX TripAdvisor Reviews Buying Euros

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